Vivo V30 5G Price, Full Specs & Best Deals in Bangladesh

Looking for Vivo V30 5G price and specifications in Bangladesh? Find out its features, availability and Vivo V30 5G in Bangladeshi markets.

Vivo V30 5G Quick Features

ChipsetQualcomm Snapdragon 7s Gen 2 (4 nm)
OSFuntouch OS 14
Back Camera50 MP
Front Camera50 MP
RAM12 GB + 256 GB
Battery5000 mAh
Vivo V30 5G Price & Specifications in Bangladesh
Vivo V30 5G Price & Specifications in Bangladesh

Vivo V30 5G Price in Bangladesh

Official59,999 BDT
Un-Official*Price may vary in shops
Vivo V30 5G Price in Bangladesh

Vivo V30 5G Price, Specs, Reviews & Best Deals in Bangladesh

Vivo V30 5G is capturing attention in Bangladesh with its launch, showcasing impressive specs that cater to the evolving needs of smartphone users. Appealing to aesthetics as well as functionality, it is available in two elegant colors: Peacock Green and Noble Black, making a statement in the smartphone market. The Vivo V30 5G price in Bangladesh is a topic of keen interest among tech enthusiasts, setting the stage for a detailed exploration of what this device has to offer.

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As we delve into the comprehensive analysis of the Vivo V30 5G, including its mobile price, availability, and the best deals in Bangladesh, we aim to equip readers with all they need to know about this new entrant. From its display specifications and design quality to camera capabilities and performance, we provide a thorough overview to assist in making an informed decision. This guide will serve as a valuable resource for those considering the Vivo V30 5G as their next smartphone choice.

Price, Availability, and Best Deals in Bangladesh

In the bustling smartphone market of Bangladesh, the Vivo V30 5G emerges as a notable contender, especially when considering its price and availability. Priced at BDT 59,999, this device offers a compelling blend of features and performance for its segment. However, for those looking to make a timely purchase, there’s an opportunity to snag this device at a discounted cash price of 56,300 BDT, a significant markdown from its original tag of 65,000 BDT. This discount not only makes the Vivo V30 5G more accessible but also highlights the brand’s effort to cater to a wider audience.

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  • Availability and Best Deals:
    • Pre-order Availability: The Vivo V30 5G is currently available for pre-order in Bangladesh, allowing early birds to secure their device ahead of the general market release.
    • Storage Options: Catering to varying user needs, the Vivo V30 5G offers several storage configurations, including 8/128GB, 8/256GB, 12/256GB, and 12/512GB. This range ensures that users can select a model that best fits their storage requirements and budget.
    • Warranty: All purchases come with a 12-month warranty, with the condition that the original box is preserved for any warranty claims. Additionally, there is a 1-year official warranty available, which can be claimed at any Vivo Service Center, providing peace of mind to buyers regarding after-sales support.

Vivo V30 5G’s pricing and availability in other regions also offer interesting insights. For instance, in India, the device is tagged at Rs. 41,999, while in Nepal, the price is set at Rs 60,999 for the 12GB RAM and 256GB storage model. Interestingly, the device is available in a variety of colors across different markets, including Lush Green, Noble Black, Andaman Blue, Peacock Green, and Classic Black, offering aesthetic choices to suit individual preferences. In international markets like Dubai and the Philippines, the Vivo V30 5G is priced at 1,999 AED and around 16,500 PHP, respectively, showcasing the brand’s strategy to competitively price the device across different regions.

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This section on price, availability, and best deals in Bangladesh for the Vivo V30 5G, backed by the Vivo V30 5G Price in Bangladesh and the 59,999 BDT, aims to provide potential buyers with a comprehensive understanding of what to expect in terms of financial investment and the options available. Whether you’re drawn to its discounted offer or the variety of storage configurations, the Vivo V30 5G represents a noteworthy option in the current smartphone landscape of Bangladesh.

Display Specifications

Vivo V30 5G stands out in the competitive smartphone market, particularly for its display specifications that promise an immersive viewing experience. Here’s a detailed breakdown of its display features:

  • Screen Size and Quality:
    • 6.78-inch AMOLED display
    • Resolution: 1260 x 2800 pixels
    • Aspect Ratio: 20:9, ensuring a broader and more immersive viewing area
    • Pixel Density: ~453 PPI, offering sharp and clear visuals
    • Display Type: AMOLED, supporting 1B colors for vibrant and dynamic imagery
    • HDR10+ and 120Hz Refresh Rate: For smooth, high-definition content playback
    • Peak Brightness: 2800 nits, with 1200 nits (HBM), making the screen visible even under direct sunlight
  • Display Protection and Features:
    • Protection: Schott Alpha Glass, safeguarding the display against scratches and minor impacts
    • Screen-to-Body Ratio: Approximately 89.9%, providing a near bezel-less experience
    • Innovative Features:
      • 1.5K Ultra Clear Sunlight Display for enhanced visibility in bright conditions
      • Anti-Fatigue Curve 2.0 and Biometric Brightness Adjustment for optimal viewing comfort
      • Low Blue Light (Hardware) and SGS Low Blue Light Certification, minimizing eye strain
      • 2160Hz Dimming and Eye-Friendly Mode for night-time usage, reducing flicker and easing the strain on the eyes
  • Additional Display Attributes:
    • 3D Curved Screen: Offers a comfortable grip and adds to the aesthetic appeal
    • Refresh Rates: Dual-mode, 60 Hz, and 120 Hz options, catering to different user preferences for battery saving or smoother visuals
    • Color Gamut: 100% DCI-P3, ensuring accurate and wide color representation
    • Curved Display Design: Both the front and the back of the device feature slight curves, enhancing the ergonomic feel and visual appeal

In summary, the Vivo V30 5G’s display characteristics, including its large AMOLED screen, high resolution, and advanced features like HDR10+ support and high peak brightness, position it as a strong contender for those prioritizing screen quality in their smartphone choice.

Design and Build Quality

Vivo V30 5G showcases a design that effortlessly blends style and functionality, making it a standout choice for users prioritizing both aesthetics and durability in their smartphones. Here’s a closer look at its design and build quality:

  • Style and Ergonomics:
    • Curved Design and Slim Profile: The smartphone boasts a stylish curved design with a slim profile of just 7.45mm, ensuring it not only looks sleek but also feels comfortable to hold.
    • Color Variants: Available in Bloom White, Waving Aqua, Lush Green, and Noble Black, the Vivo V30 5G offers users a variety of elegant colors to choose from, catering to individual style preferences.
    • Unique Textures: The rear of the device features multi-layered tempered glass with unique textures, adding a distinctive touch to the overall design.
  • Durability and Build Materials:
    • IP54 Rating: With an IP54 rating, the device is certified for dust and heavy splash resistance, offering peace of mind in various environments.
    • Build Composition: The phone is constructed with a glass front (Schott Alpha glass) and a plastic frame, reinforced with aluminum alloy corners for added durability.
    • Screen Protection: The Vivo V30 5G is equipped with Schott Xensation α (alpha) glass shield and Schott Alpha Glass, providing robust protection against scratches.
  • Innovative Features and Handling:
    • Anti-Glare Glass: The Fluorite AG (Anti-Glare) Glass on the rear side is silky smooth and shines bright under sunlight, with some variants like the Peacock Green changing color under direct sunlight.
    • Handling: While the phone’s sleek design may make it slippery, a silicone case included in the retail bundle enhances grip and handling.
    • Fingerprint Reader and Earpiece: The under-screen fingerprint reader offers fast and reliable authentication, and the almost invisible earpiece maintains the device’s sleek aesthetic.

In essence, the Vivo V30 5G’s design and build quality reflect a meticulous attention to detail, combining style, durability, and practical features. Its slim profile, IP54 rating, and unique aesthetic choices make it an attractive option for users seeking a smartphone that scores high on both looks and resilience.

Camera Capabilities

The Vivo V30 5G and its Pro variant bring to the table an impressive array of camera capabilities designed to cater to photography enthusiasts and social media aficionados alike. Here’s a closer look at what each model offers in terms of photography and videography features:

Rear Camera Setup

  • Vivo V30 5G:
    • Main Camera: 50MP OIS (Optical Image Stabilization) with a Sony IMX 920 Flagship sensor, ensuring crisp, detailed shots even in low light conditions. The sensor size is 1/1.49-inch, equipped with BCU human IB-ISP technology for enhanced image processing.
    • Ultra-Wide Camera: 50MP with Autofocus, allowing for expansive landscape shots and group photos without compromising on detail.
    • Telephoto Camera: 12MP, perfect for capturing distant subjects with clarity.
    • Special Features: Aura Light Portrait for enhanced portrait lighting, Smart Aura Light for facial detail restoration, and exclusive VCS technology for true color reproduction and bright, detailed night images.
  • Vivo V30 Pro:
    • Main Camera: 50MP with VCS technology and OIS, ensuring stable, high-quality images across various lighting conditions.
    • Ultra-Wide Camera: 50MP, offering the same wide-angle capabilities as the standard model.
    • Telephoto Camera: 50MP, providing even greater zoom capabilities for detailed shots from afar.
    • Special Features: Ultra-stable mode with OIS for smooth video footage, Aura Light Portrait Video for night-time videography, and Vlog Movie Creator for professional-grade vlogs.

Front Camera

  • Both Models: Feature a 50MP wide-angle camera with Autofocus, ensuring high-quality selfies with excellent detail. The inclusion of a 50MP sensor for the front camera across both models highlights Vivo’s commitment to providing superior selfie capabilities.

Video Recording Capabilities

  • Vivo V30 5G: Supports 4K@30fps and 1080p@30fps video recording for both rear and front cameras, with gyro-EIS available for the rear camera to ensure smooth footage.
  • Vivo V30 Pro: Enhances the video recording experience by supporting 4K recording at 60fps for the main camera and 4K@30fps for both front and rear cameras, along with an ultra-stable mode with OIS.

In summary, both the Vivo V30 5G and Vivo V30 Pro offer compelling camera features that cater to a wide range of photography and videography needs. From detailed selfies and wide-angle group shots to stable video recording and enhanced night-time photography, these devices are equipped to handle diverse scenarios, making them an attractive choice for users prioritizing camera performance in their smartphone selection.

Performance and Hardware

The Vivo V30 5G and its Pro variant pack a punch in terms of performance and hardware, setting them apart in the competitive smartphone market. Here’s a breakdown of their core specifications:

Vivo V30 5G:

  • Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 7 Gen 3, built on a 4nm process technology, ensures efficient performance for both gaming and daily tasks.
  • CPU Configuration: Octa-core setup with a mix of 2.63 GHz (Single core, Cortex A715), 2.4 GHz (Tri core, Cortex A715), and 1.8 GHz (Quad core, Cortex A510), balancing power and battery efficiency.
  • GPU: Adreno 720, provides ample graphics processing power for a smooth gaming experience.
  • RAM and Storage: Comes in two variants, 8 GB/12 GB LPDDR4X RAM with 128 GB/256 GB UFS 2.2 ROM, supplemented by 12 GB Extended RAM for enhanced multitasking capabilities.
  • Cooling System: Features an Ultra Large Smart Cooling System to maintain optimal performance during intensive tasks.
  • Benchmark Scores: Achieved an AnTuTu score of 103,000 points, indicating solid performance that surpasses 41% of mobile phones as of March 11th, 2024.

Vivo V30 Pro:

  • Processor: MediaTek Dimensity 8200, known for its powerful and efficient performance in handling demanding applications and games.
  • Operating System: Runs on Android v14 with Funtouch OS, providing a smooth and customizable user experience.
  • RAM: Equipped with 8 GB RAM, ensuring smooth multitasking and app performance.
  • Benchmark Scores: Boasts an impressive AnTuTu score of 804,164, placing it in the 55th percentile and 5th among similarly priced smartphones. Its Geekbench scores, Single-core: 1,172 and Multi-core: 3,235, further affirm its superior performance capabilities.

This detailed comparison showcases the Vivo V30 5G and Vivo V30 Pro as formidable contenders in their price segment, with the Vivo V30 Pro slightly edging out in terms of raw performance metrics. However, both devices offer a compelling combination of hardware and software, making them suitable for a wide range of users, from casual to power users. The choice between them would ultimately depend on the user’s specific needs and preferences, such as the preference for Qualcomm vs. MediaTek processors or the importance of benchmark scores in their decision-making process.

Battery Life and Charging

The Vivo V30 5G series showcases robust battery life and charging capabilities, designed to keep up with the demands of modern smartphone users. Here’s an in-depth look at what users can expect:

  • Battery Capacity and Longevity:
    • Both the Vivo V30 5G and Vivo V30 Pro are equipped with a substantial 5,000 mAh battery, promising extended usage times.
    • The devices demonstrate impressive endurance with the Vivo V30 Pro achieving an Active Use Score of 15:32h, indicating that it can comfortably last a full day on a single charge even with heavy usage.
    • Battery health retention is commendable, with the devices maintaining 80% of their capacity after 1,600 charging cycles. This roughly translates to about 4 years of usage before a noticeable decline in battery performance, ensuring longevity.
  • Charging Speed and Efficiency:
    • The standout feature for both models is the 80W FlashCharge technology, significantly reducing the time spent tethered to a charging cable.
    • Charging tests reveal that the Vivo V30 Pro can charge from 0% to 39% in just 15 minutes, and achieve a 77% charge in 30 minutes. A full charge is accomplished in approximately 42 minutes, with an additional 4 minutes to reach the ‘Fully Charged’ status.
    • Comparatively, the initial charging speed is slow, with only a 7% charge after 5 minutes, but it quickly ramps up, demonstrating the efficiency of the 80W fast charging capability.
  • Audio and Streaming Enhancements:
    • Despite focusing on battery and charging, the Vivo V30 Pro also enhances user experience with a single speaker that boasts a loudness boost of 150%, ensuring clear and powerful audio output.
    • The device supports Widevine L1 DRM and Full HD streaming with HDR10 across popular platforms, making it an ideal choice for media consumption without worrying about battery drain.

This analysis reveals that the Vivo V30 5G series not only offers remarkable battery life and fast charging but also ensures a rich multimedia experience, making it a compelling choice for users who prioritize both performance and entertainment on the go.

Software and Connectivity

The Vivo V30 5G stands as a testament to Vivo’s commitment to blending cutting-edge technology with user-friendly features, particularly in the realms of software and connectivity. This device not only runs on Funtouch OS 14, Vivo’s custom layer atop Android 14, but also brings a host of connectivity options and user-centric functionalities to enhance the overall smartphone experience.


  • Operating System: Funtouch OS 14 based on Android 14, offering a smooth and intuitive interface with additional customization options.
  • User Account Management: Features such as ‘Sign in/Register’ and ‘My Account’ sections allow users to easily access their account information and settings.
  • Shopping and Orders: The ‘My Orders’ and ‘Cart’ sections streamline the shopping experience, enabling users to view, manage, and add items for purchase directly from their device.
  • Device Information: A dedicated ‘V30 5G’ section provides comprehensive details about the phone, including specifications and a gallery, enriching the user’s understanding of their device.


  • Network Support: Comprehensive support for 5G, 4G LTE, and 2G networks, ensuring high-speed internet access across different carrier bands. Dual SIM and dual standby capabilities enhance the device’s utility for users juggling personal and professional contacts.
  • Wireless Connectivity:
    • Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5.4 for high-speed wireless connections and efficient power consumption.
    • GPS and NFC for navigation and contactless transactions, respectively.
  • Audio and Protection:
    • Hi-Res audio support and stereo speakers deliver an immersive sound experience.
    • An IP54 rating for dust and splash resistance adds an extra layer of durability for everyday use.

Security and Sensors:

  • In-Display Optical Fingerprint Sensor: Provides a secure and convenient method for device unlocking and authentication.
  • Sensor Suite: Includes an accelerometer, ambient light sensor, E-compass, proximity sensor, gyroscope, and more, ensuring the device is equipped to handle a variety of applications and functionalities.

This comprehensive approach to software and connectivity not only positions the Vivo V30 5G as a versatile and powerful device but also highlights Vivo’s dedication to creating a seamless and enriched user experience.


Through a detailed exploration of the Vivo V30 5G, this article has navigated the key features and standouts of the smartphone, highlighting its significant value proposition for the Bangladeshi market. From the impressive display specifications, design quality, camera capabilities, to the top-notch performance and hardware, along with battery life and charging efficiency, the Vivo V30 5G proves itself as a formidable contender in the mid-range smartphone segment. Specifically, its pricing and special deals further establish it as a smart purchase, blending innovative technology with affordability.

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Moreover, this examination of the Vivo V30 5G has illuminated its comprehensive software offerings and superior connectivity features, underlining Vivo’s dedication to providing a user-centric experience. The broader implications of these attributes reveal the Vivo V30 5G as not just a device of convenience but as a tool empowered to enhance everyday life, suggesting a promising avenue for further research or user exploration. As individuals continue to seek out technology that balances price with performance, it is clear that smartphones like the Vivo V30 5G will continue to capture attention and fulfill the evolving needs of consumers.

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