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TechReaderBD only displays the official prices of mobile phones in Bangladesh. Although we try to keep the information updated, the prices and availability of different devices may change. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that all the devices on our site are currently available at the same price or that their status is accurate. We recommend that you verify the price by checking the brand showroom, their official website, customer care, or any of their verified social media pages before making a purchase decision.


Please note that we cannot guarantee that the specifications shared are 100% accurate. While most of the specs were obtained from the official websites of each brand and other trustworthy sources, there is always the possibility of errors made by both parties during manual data entry or for any other reasons.

Rating & Reviews

Product ratings and reviews are subjective and reflect the writer’s research, knowledge, understanding, opinion, and experience. Generally, they are based on understanding the product specifications, market trends, pricing, and user feedback. In some cases, online reviews from tech experts are also considered. However, it’s important to note that many reviews are based solely on general product specifications and may not reflect the real-life experience of a user. This is because a user’s experience can differ due to factors such as hardware and software quality. Additionally, a user’s experience with a phone can vary widely based on how they use it. Therefore, ratings and reviews should be taken as general indications of a product’s quality and should not be viewed as absolute.

Brand Information & Blog Posts

The information on individual brand pages and news blog posts are collected from authentic sources. However, we cannot guarantee 100% accuracy.

Where to Buy Page

On our “where to buy” page, we have listed some popular local retail shops and online shops to assist our visitors. However, we want to make it clear that we cannot guarantee that the pricing of our site and that of the shops will be the same. Furthermore, we cannot ensure that you will find all the latest phones on our site in those shops. It’s important to note that every shop is responsible for their own products, warranty, delivery, and other related matters. It’s worth mentioning that we do not have any partnership with any shop or brand. Our website, techreaderbd.com, remains a neutral and independent mobile phone information-based website.

Fair Information Policy

As a part of our commitment to providing fair and accurate information, we allow any brand or business to request updates to their information on our website at any time. If there is a delay in updating or misinformation on our part, we will verify the information and make updates as soon as possible. Alternatively, brands or businesses can request the removal of their information from our website, which we will aim to carry out within 48 hours. To contact us, please send an email to [email protected].